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Saloon and Chop History in Oklahoma City


McClintock Saloon & Chop House started years ago when the owners decided it was time that Stockyards City added a proper saloon. The restaurant and bar were opened to pay tribute to its roots. Guests could shop all day, check out the actual Stockyards, and then enjoy a nice steak and whiskey at the saloon. Taking it back to the old days, the woodwork in the bar and the scenery was just like stepping back in time. The unique experience doesn’t involve stereotypical saloon doors, but you’ll feel the same vibe cowboys felt walking through the doors hundreds of years ago. Visit Stockyards City to feel connected to the history and roots of the area!

long table with chandelier

A Piece of History in Stockyards City


McClintock Saloon & Chop House opened its doors as part of Stockyards City. The iconic area dates back to 1910 with the opening of two packinghouses that made it the industrial powerhouse of the city. The district became fully self-contained as the packing plants grew. Stockyards City was the largest stocker and feeder cattle market in the world by the 1970s. Today, the area boasts more than 70 businesses while maintaining its traditional Western flair. You can enjoy a day in Stockyards City shopping, eating, and even catch a live cattle auction. The district is also popular for its early 20th century décor and architecture with western-themed businesses and the mouth-watering steaks of McClintock Saloon & Chop House.

barstools at bar

Paying Tribute to the Original Saloons


Saloons weren’t always the stereotypical western saloons full of debauchery and casino girls. The first saloons were a place full of gambling and wild times, but they were also a place where people came together to socialize in a casual environment. As towns grew, the idea of a saloon became more refined. We pay tribute to the classic, beautiful saloon with intricately detailed woodwork and 50-foot long hand-crafted oak and brass bar. Like many saloons back in the day, we have the infamous scantily clad painting of a woman hanging behind our bar. Our saloon’s beauty, class, and social experience will forever pay tribute to the classic saloon.