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About Our Chop House and Saloon in Oklahoma City


Take a step back in time as you walk through our doors. You won’t find the stereotypical swinging doors of a saloon, but you’ll quickly fall in love with the feeling you’re in the middle of the movie “Tombstone.” McClintock Saloon & Chop House provides the perfect restaurant and bar for Oklahoma City, OK customers to try a shot of one of the hundreds of whiskeys then enjoy the best steak of their life. We spent years researching and designing our authentic saloon atmosphere, from the 50-foot long hand-crafted oak and brass bar to the scantily clad painting of a young lady hanging on our wall. Whether you’re here for lunch, dinner, or Happy Hour, you’re always in for a treat when you visit us.

steak tips, mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese

Serving Gourmet-Style Food in the Chop House


The Chop House offers some of the best regional cuisines in the area. We know there are many choices for eateries in the area, so we put our unique spin on gourmet-style food. Each item is a product of careful planning by some of the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the country. We describe our unique, mouth-watering menu items as West Texas gourmet. You can start your dining experience with five-alarm chili and a nice side salad before digging into some chicken fried chicken livers and a plate of oysters as an appetizer. Whether you want a juicy, flavorful hand-cut steak or chicken-fried quail, we’ve got main dishes that are so fresh you’ll wonder if we ran over to the cattle market to grab your food.

cocktail with blueberries

Offering Hundreds of Drink Options in the Saloon


When you cozy up to our classic hand-crafted oak bar, you become family. Get the full saloon experience by trying some of our out-of-this-world drinks. We offer over 215 different whiskeys, ensuring you’ll find one that you love. You can try our own cocktails like the Cotton Varnish with smoked Maker’s Mark or Tanglefoot with a touch of absinthe. If you want to give any cocktail a boost, order it smoked “Willie Style.” You can go classic with beer and wine or order one of our premium liquors of rum, tequila, mezcal, vodka, brandy, or cordial. You’re in for a treat if you’re sitting in the saloon area when someone rings the bell. As part of the family, a ringing bell means free shots for everyone!